Susie Stell

Susie is not your “average bean counter.” While she enjoys the concerto of debits and credits coming together and how the accounts on a balance sheet and profit and loss statement harmonize together, she is equally as much interested in the bigger picture. She truly enjoys multi-family and finds the design aspect, the company growth, and the team development exciting. As the Director of accounting, Susie is responsible for overseeing the day to day operations as well as the financial reporting and working on long term financial matters. A tidbit about Susie is thinking outside of the box never gives her trouble although sometimes she has trouble thinking inside of the box.

At home, she is enjoys being a wife to Paul and mom to their three beautiful children-David, Berkley and Pierce. And when they are not around maybe a trip to the mall or a tennis match to unwind.

Favorite Quote:
“There is power in doing the right thing.”



Corporate Leadership

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Co-Founder / Managing Director
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